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How A Chartered Accountant NZ
Can Transform Your Business

If you’re unhappy with your existing accountant, struggling to manage financial reporting on your own, or just after a great range of services at a fantastic price, Consol Group can help. Our chartered accountants in NZ have all the knowledge, skills, and experience to get your business’ finances sorted.

We’re experts at working with growing businesses. If you’ve found that your company’s growth is making it too difficult to manage your accounting or financial reporting tasks on your own, just turn to us. We offer highly responsive, top-quality online accounting services for all our clients at affordable prices. 

Let our skilled team of chartered accountants take over the trouble of bookkeeping, so you can focus on what’s important – running your business. Just browse our site or get in touch with us at 0800 001 851.

Are You Picking The Right Accountant For Your Needs?

You might be wondering why you should choose a chartered accountant in NZ. Can’t you just save money and use local accounting technicians instead?

Put that thought to the side because picking the right people is an investment worth making. A chartered accountant is required to undergo rigorous training and professional accreditation.
Chartered accountants are bound by the highest professional and ethical standard and must undergo regular development. This means when you pick chartered accountants in New Zealand for your business, you get an accounting professional with knowledge of everything from tax law, to information technology, to handling data using accounting software.

So if you want a highly-skilled, experienced member of a leading professional body who will offer you information you can trust, a chartered accountant in New Zealand is a great choice.

What Makes Chartered Accountants Different?

A qualified chartered accountant in New Zealand has to meet a range of criteria to achieve their certification. This means that they offer business owners a range of benefits above regular accounting technicians, including:

Broad Experience

Chartered Accountants can offer you far more than just financial reporting and information on taxes. These qualified accountants offer broad, high-level experience in dealing with a wide range of business and financial issues and processes throughout New Zealand.

With this bigger-picture perspective, they can offer your businesses and organisations a range of useful services and information.

Chartered Accountant NZ

Leading Qualifications

New Zealand’s chartered accounting body requires that all members have completed supervised and relevant individual work experience, in addition to degree-level university study. These requirements mean that all chartered accountants have an education, including a bachelor’s degree in accounting and three years of verified work experience overseen by a fully qualified chartered accountant who provides mentorship.

The requirements of the accounting body also include completing the ‘CA Program’. This series of post-graduate courses cover topics from management accounting, taxation, auditing,  financial accounting and ethics. A prospective accountant must meet all these requirements to demonstrate their ability and qualify as a chartered accountant.

Fully Accredited

All chartered accountants in New Zealand must operate in accordance with internationally recognised ethical and technical accounting standards. If you’re looking for an accountant you can trust to practice in accordance with industry rules and use their source of tax knowledge in a way that benefits your business, a chartered accountant is the right choice.


Chartered accountants in New Zealand can offer you business advice you can trust. Whether you need information on your tax responsibilities and rights, financial reporting rules, registering with the registrar of companies, or even which resources to focus on or to set aside, chartered accountants can help.


How Chartered Accountants Can Help Your Business

The New Zealand chartered accounting industry body’s requirements mean that all members must complete a range of courses in order to practice and uphold the profession’s name in New Zealand. This equips them with a broad range of experience. That’s why chartered accountants can provide you with efficient and accurate guidelines across a wide range of business scenarios.

A professional accountant is essential to help your business grow. Chartered accountants operate in accordance with rigorous accounting standards, ensuring that all reporting and practices meet New Zealand legal requirements. You can trust that they’ll do the job right and uphold the name of your business.

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Get A Competitive Edge in Growth

Engaging the services of chartered accountants can help your business succeed during crucial growth stages. Whether you’re looking for scaling and growth within New Zealand, launching new products on your website or entering Australia – we can help.

Seize Opportunities

They can help identify opportunities for you to act on, such as new assets to purchase, ways to free up additional capital, or how you can pursue finance to fund growth in New Zealand. They can even help you optimise employment structures. Whether you’re looking to take on students in the summer break for casual work or looking to bring more full-time staff on the job, chartered accountants can advise you on how to set best set up your payroll list.

Save Time And Money

Chartered accountants can help reduce your tax liabilities while at the same time minimising how much time you spend on reporting obligations. Don’t worry about painstakingly trying to make sure you’re meeting the IRD’s requirements. Let your accountants take over the work while you and your executive team focus on what’s really important – making your business’ name known region-wide.

Business Structuring

Are you looking into launching a new firm? Got a great start-up idea you can’t wait to see on the front page of the news? Already planning your launch events? Chartered accountants can help you navigate the complex process of structuring your business. If you’re not sure whether you should choose a proprietorship, a partnership, or incorporated – or don’t even know what those terms mean – choose the right professional for the job. A skilled accountant can help.

It’s important to note that structuring your business isn’t a short-term job. Think of it as the foundation for your practice in the long-run. You need to make sure that the structure you choose can effectively scale with your business.

Over time, you’ll inevitably run into questions about partnerships with other firms, share structures, tax efficiency, and legal entities. But you don’t have to jump on your local university’s website to sign up for commercial law courses. Skilled chartered accountants can offer you the guidance your business needs.

That includes information on how to best structure your business to keep your equity protected from risks, how to minimise taxes, and establish a structure that firms you up for long-term growth.

The Benefits Of Choosing Our Chartered Accountants

Chartered accountants might cost more than a typical accounting technician, but they offer you the skills and experience to bring you far more in the long run. If you’re looking for a skilled team of chartered accountants in New Zealand to help your business succeed, the team at Consol Group are here for you. Here are a few reasons why our people are a great choice for your organisation:

Fixed Prices

We customise our services to fit our clients’ requirements, and that means only paying for what you need and use. Our prices operate on a fixed-fee monthly basis, so you know you’ll get impressive ability and a high level of service at a fair price. That’s why we’re one of the most affordable online accountants in New Zealand.

Professional Associates

We know that our clients value the importance of working with the right people. That’s why we’re selective about who we put on our list. We team up with skilled tax specialists, qualified chartered accountants, and only the best online solution providers in New Zealand to offer you some of the best accounting services for your business in the region.

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Individual Support

The Consol Group team are dedicated to working with you every step of the way. Our number one goal is to offer our clients insightful advice so that they can make the best decisions for their organisations. We aren’t just committed to providing you with high-quality accounting and tax services that abide by the rules – our practice is about creating partnerships. That’s what’s made us one of the most popular accounting firms in New Zealand.


We’re on the job at all times. If you need help or support for your accounting needs, just get on our website and reach out to our friendly, supportive, New Zealand-based professional customer support team. Consol Group offers you unlimited support and advice. That’s the degree of care and attention we bring to our accounting practice.

Need Reliable Chartered Accountants in New Zealand?

Whether you’re a sole trader, a small start-up or a large, national brand with locations all across New Zealand, a chartered accountant in NZ from Consol Group can help.

Our team understands that no two businesses are alike. That’s why we customise our services to meet our clients’ needs, no matter where in New Zealand you are.

Our accountants always act in accordance with the standards set by their qualifications and association. This means whether you want tax guidance, information on reporting rules, or simple payroll management, our people can help.

We’re dedicated to the success of your New Zealand business. Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, need payroll help for your new vice president of human resources, or want to understand how launching new products affect filing taxes, we can help.

If you want comprehensive, high-quality, expert accounting services for businesses in New Zealand, we’re here for you. To find out more about what a chartered accountant in NZ can do for you, browse our website or just get in touch with our friendly team at 0800 001 851.

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