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Chartered Accountant & Chartered Accountants Auckland & NZ

Whatever your reason for looking for a chartered accountant in New Zealand might be, Consol Group can help you. We have experience in working with businesses who were unhappy with their previous accountants, or who wants a better range of services for a better price

We are also experts in working with growing businesses. Growing businesses meaning businesses that completed accounting tasks themselves, until they started growing and found that those tasks were becoming too time-consuming and complex. We provide on the on-tap, low-cost, and highly responsive accounting services they need.

Why Hire Chartered Accountants in Auckland?

Distinction Between Chartered Accountants

The distinction between Chartered Accountants in Auckland and individuals or businesses who provide services like bookkeeping or financial planning is important. This is because being a chartered accountant in NZ does not just mean you have received your qualification from the University. 

Chartered Accountant Means

Being a Chartered Accountant means you are a member of the leading professional body in the accounting industry. This membership comes with responsibilities and commitment.

Chartered Accountants in Auckland

As chartered accountants in Auckland, we are bound by code of ethics and standards. Additionally, we must continuously develop our professional skills and knowledge to ensure they are kept fully up to date. This includes everything from tax and corporate law, to technology and evolving business processes.

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Important to Hire

While it is important to hire a chartered accountant in Auckland, we are not the only chartered accountants you will find. So, why should you choose us at Consol Group to provide accounting services for your business?

Experience Working

We have experience working with start-ups too. We contribute in the very earliest stages of the business and help ensure accounting, bookkeeping, and corporate governance structures, policies, and procedures are in place from day one.

Consol is ideal for you if…

What Makes Us Different?

Here are some of the things that make us stand out from our competition:

We offer a full range of services whether you are a sole trader or a large national brand.

We customise our service and pricing to the requirements of your business, so you only pay for what you need.

Our price is on a fixed monthly fee basis, so there are no surprises – you will know exactly how much you will pay every month.

You can get advice from an expert on our team, whenever you need it. We’ll become an extension of your in-house workforce and management team.

We are committed to your success and will provide the most comprehensive, high-quality, and accurate accountancy services possible to help you achieve your business and personal goals.

So, if you are looking for a chartered accountant in NZ for your business, whatever your circumstances may be, we can help.

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Online Accounts in NZ – We Make Accounting in Your Business Easy

Keep accurate records

At Consol Group, we have invested and developed our use of technology to become one of the leading online accountants in NZ. This means you can benefit from our high standards of service, expert advice, and low prices, wherever you are in the country.

Keep watch on business health

Online accounting is the future for our industry as it delivers significant benefits for businesses like yours. Find out more today.

Get paid faster

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