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Are you struggling with your accounting and tax affairs?

Chartered & Tax Accountants in Dunedin NZ

At Consol Group, we have a team of professional accountants in Dunedin who genuinely care about your business and want to help your business grow.

We pride ourselves in our forward-thinking and have frequent communication with our clients throughout the financial year to keep them up to date with the latest accounting and taxation obligations and duties in New Zealand. 

Why should you choose our accounting services in Dunedin?


Full range of services including company incorporation, tax planning, tax management, cash flow forecast, GST returns, tax returns, financial statement, you name it.


Fixed monthly fees – you get billed for what you ask for, no hidden costs or surprises.


24/7 customer support service – ask us any questions from anywhere at any time. We won’t charge you extra for answering your questions on public holidays.


Jargon-free advice that you can understand.


Free Xero training for you if you want to manage your accounts yourself.

Small Business Accountants Dunedin NZ

Chartered Accountants in Dunedin

Consol Dunedin Chartered Accounts team helps businesses and individuals to manage their monthly, quarterly and annually financial reportings. Our expert team of well trained and trusted chartered accountants specialise in a wide range of accounting services from benchmarking to budgeting and forecasting. Our Dunedin chartered accounts build one-to-one relationships with our client and like to take the extra step in helping our clients to structure their financial plans in a strategic way that benefits long-term business growth.

Small Business Accountants in Dunedin

As an experienced small business Dunedin accounting firm, we understand how hard you work as a small business owner and how little time you have to manage your accounts. So we save your time by taking care of your financial reports and tax returns and keep you informed about the best industry standards that apply to your business.


Property Accountants in Dunedin

Are you a new property investor or already have built an impressive property portfolio, and you want to build up your wealth? Consol has experienced property accountants who help investors and rental owners to maximise rental property returns. We offer expert advice to help you understand the complicated financial obligations and duties of property investors with simple, jargon-free language. We can assist you with queries relating to tax on rental income, rental property tax returns, depreciation on rental properties and many more. If you think you need someone with in-depth knowledge of current property tax laws and regulations in New Zealand, then don’t hesitate to contact us by booking a free initial consultation with the button on the top right-hand corner.

Tax Accountants in Dunedin

Paying tax bills can be time-consuming and a headache. Sometimes you might even wonder if you are entitled to a bigger tax refund. Consol tax accountants in Dunedin helps individuals and businesses of all sizes to ease their mind with managing their tax obligation, reducing the risk of late tax fines, and maximising after-tax returns.

Accounting Firms Dunedin

We offer time-saving services and jargon-free advice tailored to fit your business needs and requirements while complying with relevant legislation. Book a free initial consultation with our accountants in Dunedin to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

From income tax returns, provisional tax, and PAYE, to tax planning and structuring with startup businesses, we can handle it.

Consol Group is the leading accounting firm in Dunedin that has extensive experience in helping small businesses and sole traders to achieve their accounting and financial goals. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by our unlimited, free customer support throughout the accounting year, and our straight-forward, professional advice that you will understand.

Accountants Dunedin NZ

New Zealand tax law is complex and changes constantly. When you hire a tax accountant in Dunedin, your accountant will advise you on the latest tax obligations and help you save time and money. We take the time to understand your goals before we put out a plan to ensure your tax returns are correctly filed and submitted on time.

The Consol Accountants in Dunedin are certified Chartered Accountants who provide stress-free accounting and tax services to entrepreneurial startups, large enterprises, and individual taxpayers. Our Dunedin accountants also specialise in payroll and bookkeeping and can help businesses from various industries to set up and manage their Xero accounts.

Let us assist you with the stressful taxation, so you can concentrate on what you do best – taking care of your business.

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