Consol Payroll Service

How are payroll services priced?

Our payroll services are priced based on two main factors – the frequency of your payroll, and the number of employees you have. Try use our payroll calculator located on the payroll page.

What do I need to provide for the payrolls to be processed? What does the process look like?

We need information such as how much you pay each of your employee, whether that is based hourly, on salary, or commission, and the bonuses. We also need to know the bank account number, email address, and Kiwi Saver details for each of your employees. To make this easier, we have a form ready for you and your employees to fill in to hand us the required information.

Once you have provided us with the necessary information, you have nothing else to do except send us the list of employees and their hours. We will arrange pay run, make and send payslips, and submit PAYE and payment to Inland Revenue. Payroll tax will also be taken care of by us, calculating and scheduling them electronically from your business account automatically.

Why should I outsource payroll to a third party?

Outsourcing payroll to a third party not only saves time but also money. When taking into all factors and variables, it is more cost effective to ask a service provider such as us than doing the payroll process yourself. Furthermore, having a reliable third party do your payroll reduces your stress and allows you to focus on other areas of your business.