How is Consol different to other accounting firms?

Most traditional accounting firms are charging between $3000-5000 per annum, and some are charging even higher. On top of the expensive accounting fee, they will charge extra fee for Xero setup, conversion, training and monthly subscription. Even answering questions is billed hourly. This is why Consol was stepped in to disrupt the traditional accounting model.

Our accountants work efficiently across the country from any location with an internet connection rather than constantly needing to run between offices and client meetings. This allows them to spend more time taking care of your tax filing obligations without being stuck behind a desk. This means we don’t need to spend your money on expensive offices throughout the country as we can manage the entire company from a single office in Auckland.

We team up with qualified Chartered Accountants and Tax Specialists to deliver professional insights. Through streamlining internal structure, partnering with latest technology that reduces overheads, so that, despite our 40-80% lower cost offering compare to other accounting firms, we are able to scale and remain profitable.