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If you are looking for bookkeeping services in Auckland or anywhere else in NZ, contact us at Consol Group. We have the capacity and expertise to complete your bookkeeping tasks to the highest possible standard. Furthermore, we are committed to delivering services above client expectations, helping you improve your business.


At Consol, each certified bookkeeper on our team works to the highest possible standard. They will get to know your business and will work hard to provide the support you need to move your business forward. Accuracy is important to us, so we have effective procedures in place to ensure accuracy is maintained in all the bookkeeping services that we offer.


Bookkeeping is one of those things in business that is often put to the side when time pressures start to increase. This can cause significant problems in the future, however. If your business is growing and you are struggling to keep up with the bookkeeping tasks that need to be completed, get in touch with us at Consol today. You’ll get a higher standard of service from us at a competitive price.


Consol bookkeeping service also provides dedicated personal accountants. Our team of experienced, skilled accountants will support your business whenever you need bookkeeper and office administration. This will be a cost-effective way to increase productivity and efficiency, as it will cost less than hiring direct employees. We will work with you to gain an understanding of your business so that we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.



All prices exclude GST @15% Bookkeeping packages are only exclusive to existing Consol Clients.



GST Registered

  • 50 transactions per month
  • 5 invoices per month
  • 5 bills per month



GST Registered

  • 200 transactions per month
  • 20 invoices per month
  • 20 bills per month
  • 5 hours Employee Service
  • Monthly reporting



GST Registered

  • Unlimited transactions per month
  • Unlimited invoices per month
  • Unlimited bills per month
  • 10 hours Employee Service
  • Monthly reporting

Here’s what’s included if you will get sign up with Consol

Bookkeeping NZ

Bank Reconciliation

We will look after your bank reconciliation in Xero. We love doing what you don’t. You can focus on your business growth, We will assist keeping track of money coming in and out of your business.

Accounts Receivable

Invoice your customers, collect your debts faster and easier. Keep track of who owes how much.

Accounts Payable

Keep track of what you owe, enter bills and pay them on time. Make Sure you claim the correct GST accounts.

Monthly Reporting

Based on your monthly reporting requirements, we will prepare and provide monthly reports such as sales transactions, profit and loss statement etc.


Processing payroll, deliver payslips, PAYE filing and payment to IRD. Avoid any surprise by ensuring you are complying with relevant regulations.

Dedicated Bookkeeper

At Consol, we provide something more than just ordinary bookkeeping service. Your assigned bookkeeping will work for you on any assigned daily, weekly or monthly tasks.

Bookkeeping Auckland & NZ Wide

  • Recording transactions that come into your business
  • Accounts receivable including following up with debtors when invoices are overdue
  • Invoicing, particularly in relation to ensuring the efficient sending of invoices to clients so there is no delay in getting paid
  • Bank reconciliations on a monthly basis
  • Support during audits, especially in relation to providing information for auditors when requested
  • Completing tax forms as necessary
  • Any other specific bookkeeping duties you require for your business.

What You Can Expect from Consol

  • Leading provider of bookkeeping services in NZ
  • Professional, certified, and experienced team
  • Proactive approach to delivering for our customers
  • Customised services based on client requirements
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Xero experts
  • Capable of providing a range of other accounting services in addition to bookkeeping
  • To get in touch and to find out more about our bookkeeping services, please call us on 0800 001 851

Bookkeeping is an essential part of business

If you keep it in-house, you either do it yourself or allocate resources. However, for most business owners, doing it yourself is not an option, especially when your business experiences growth. After all, every minute you spend on bookkeeping tasks is a minute you could have spent improving your business and servicing your customers. Hiring a certified bookkeeper is an option, but it is costly. The more cost-effective and efficient option is the professional services offered by us at Consol Group. We provide a full range of bookkeeping services in Auckland and to clients elsewhere in New Zealand. We will customize this service to meet the requirements of your business. Contact us today to discuss further and get a free, no-obligation quote..


"When I first found Consol accounting on Google I thought that they must be too good to be true. Then I talked to them on the phone and I was almost certain they were too good to be true. Luckily for us they weren’t. The customer service, price and ease of use make this company out of this world. I could not recommend them any more. They are utterly seamless to integrate and effective as can be. "

Curtis and Katie Hacon Director, FiTiki Limited

"I had put off finding an accountant for a while because of the cost and perceived hassle however after my first consult with Consol, I immediately wished I had connected with them sooner. Consol are responsive, affordable and easy to deal with. Being able to outsource this aspect of my business has allowed me to focus more energy on the parts of my work that I love. "

Dr Rebecca Herald Clinical Psychologist

"I have been most impressed with Consol accounting team since I made the switch last year. The ‘Switching over’ process was really simple, after the initial set up process I can track and log my company’s financial activity with ease and accuracy. By far the most efficient and helpful service I’ve had with accounting companies. Thank you"

Vivien Ye Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Vivip Limited

"I started out in full-time private practice over a year ago and also registered as a limited company. I love doing my work and seeing my clients, but I soon discovered just how much time doing the financials could take up. In the first year, I worked on my own tax returns and company statements, but was unsure I had done them “right” and really wanted an accountant’s expertise and guidance. From my first phone call to Andrew Joo of Consol Accounting Limited, I could tell that this service would meet my needs. He has been quick to respond, patient with me, great at teaching lots and is a Xero master user. I find the system easy to use now, and feel encouraged to get the most out of my business and confident in knowing that I will meet my tax obligations. Compared to how long it took me to struggle at doing this on my own, there is clear value in getting the professionals to do my accounting."

Dr. T Melanie Lage, MNZCCP Clinical Psychologist, Lakes Psychology Limited

“I had been searching for an option for my accounting for my business I found Consol to be so easy to get started with the team being available at nearly every point in the day! Highly recommended all those that have busy lives and need to free up some time.”

Andre Stewart Tremains Real Estate, Bay of Plenty

"Consol are great to work with responsive when I have questions, quick to prepare any necessary document and always willing to help if there's anything I'm unsure of. Very happy to have found them."

Stefan Dyke Director, SLHE Consulting Limited

"I would genuinely recommend Consol for all your financial and accounting needs. I needed an accountant quickly to help me find my feet starting up a rapid business. I genuinely had hundreds of thoughts and questions and wanted to do things right first time ... it was all a bit daunting, exciting and a steep learning curve. Andrew Joo was so supportive as he instantly responded to all my needs and then coached me through a solution and helped me understand the minefields at first . It’s really easy now the business is booming and all my accounting is taken care of so I can enjoy the fruits of my labour. I still reach out occasionally and have the answer super quick.. thanks to Consol."

Karl Jones Director, Retail Resilience

"I had just started out in business and soon realised that someone was going to have to help me with my accounting and tax compliance functions. I was very conscious of the need to be vigilant about incurring any new costs, consequently I did a fair bit of research. I came up with the conclusion that I could get everything I wanted, under one roof, from Consol Accounting, at the most competitive rate I could find on the market. It was a win-win. After joining their team I discovered there were a lot of loose ends to sow-up before I could start functioning effectively, and focus solely on running the business side. Andrew, the Founder from Consol Accounting, was an absolute God-send. He was very personal and approachable, and made setting everything up from scratch so easy and so quickly. I’ve basically been running on auto-pilot each month ever since. Just as I had planned. Thanks for your service, guys, best decision I made."

Andre Illemann Like No Other Limited, trading as GoodMooty

"I operate 3 businesses. As a busy owner I needed reliable accountant. I have been using Andrew as my accountant almost for a year and this is my second accountant. I commited transition as one of my friends recommended him and now I thankful to him. Andrew and his team provide a prompt sound and reliable service that is always professional. Andrew is always on hand to answer my queries and it is very professional and prompt in replies even on weekends and publicholidays. He has wide range of knowledge and experience in service of accounting and taxation. He has been helping me out with tax deduction and meximisation of profit. I can highly recommend him to others as he is very motivated and trusted. I would like to make longtime relationship with him and his team."

Steve Kong Director, Katsubi Hamilton & Tauranga

"When I need to get help with my finances and taxation since starting my own business, Andrew at Consol Accounting has advised me on the right approach. Professional and a great experience overall, I strongly recommend Consol Accounting to everyone who needs to get support for taxation."

Michael Park Director, Renewcar East
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