A cost-effective way to get the financial support your require without breaking the bank.

For many small business owners, seeking
financial advice and management to help
grow is desired.

Yet, many don’t have the resources or needs
to employ full-time in-house support.

Our Virtual Finance team will get to know
your companies unique needs, helping you
face challenges, refine strategies, and keep
track of both the financial and non-financial
side of your company.

Finance Team

• Financial Accountant
• Management Accountant
• Finance Manager
• Part-Time Virtual CFO

Service Centre

• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable
• Payroll
• Fixed Asset Management
• Credit Card & Expense Claim Processing
• General Administration

Ready to round up the Squad?

Why Outsource with Consol?

Outsourcing a virtual finance team can bring real value to your company. Our team aims to consolidate your businesses financial processes and provide industry specialised advice, with ways in which we can help you grow and improve.

Cost Effective

We understand not all businesses require a full time accounting team for their business. We’ll take care of your businesses financial needs without breaking your budget.

Time Efficient

At Consol, we believe in simplifying your businesses daily processes. We’ll take care of your tax, accounting, and financial planning so you can spend more time focusing on what’s really important – running your business.

Accesible Advisors

Accounting is about more than just balancing the books. With extensive financial knowledge and experience, our virtual finance team is here to help your company grow. We’ll help you achieve your business goals when you partner with us.

Let’s Talk Business Goals

If you’re wanting to grow your business, our experienced team can share their wealth of knowledge and set strategies to help you achieve your business’s financial goals.

Working with Consol’s Virtual Finance Team, you can expect to see profitability improvements, improved management reporting, and more efficient accounting.

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