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Whether you are buying your first home, looking to switch your home loan, or wanting to invest in property, we can help you get your home loan sorted.

Business Insurance

Chances are you’ve insured your business against property loss, damage or breakdown, but what about your most valuable asset - yourself, your business partners and/or your key staff members?

What's Your Next Move?

Business Asset Insurance

Business Assets Insurance (also known as material damage insurance) can help protect your business by providing cover for physical loss to your buildings, plant, equipment and stock.

Buying Your First Home

From dreaming of your first home to making it a reality, we’re here to guide you through the home buying journey.

Gross Profit

We’ll cover the reasonable increased costs of working if your premises have been damaged. This may include the costs of marketting activity to let your customers know you’ve temporarily changed address.

Building or Renovating

The in’s and out’s of adding value to your current place, or starting from the ground up with a new build.


We’ll cover your costs, including legal fees, to replace or restore damaged business records. The most we will pay is 10% of the sum insured shown on your policy schedule.

Switching to Consol

Thinking about moving your home loan? Refinancing your existing home loan to Westpac could be easier than you think.

Our Team

Our team has the experience and knowledge to address even the trickiest financial situations correctly. Many Kiwi’s feel unnecessarily forced to give up their dreams of owning a home, getting a mortgage approved, or starting up a business. This doesn’t have to happen to you. Our mortgage advisors will take care of all the hard work for you and help you find the right solutions.

New Zealand Mortgage Advisors

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to getting the best home loan for your needs. Here at Consol, our mortgage advisors listen to you, take the time to assess your unique situation and give you the best possible mortgage advice tailored to your individual requirements.

Crunch the Numbers

Wondering how much you need to borrow for a house? Let us help you quickly work out how much you could borrow to turn your dream into reality.

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Annual income(before tax)
Do you have any dependents?
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Monthly School/Childcare Costs
number of vehicles owned
How much you could borrow*
*Estimate may differ depending on your unique finanical position.

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